I am happily married to Linda, my best friend of more than a quarter century. We recently moved here to coastal Maine for its natural beauty, slower pace, and simpler lifestyle. And we enjoy reading, music, and travel, with a special fondness for all things New England, especially its nautical history and colonial architecture. 

We lived relatively simple lives until several years ago when we embraced an even more minimalist philosophy and adopted the motto "minimize to mobilize." As we sought a less location-dependent lifestyle, we sold our dream house in Florida, liquidated the bulk of our furnishings, and donated our library of a couple thousand books in order to live and move more freely. And we don't miss it at all.

Since starting our minimalist journey, we have lived in popular locations such as Celebration, Florida; Nantucket, Massachusetts; Franklin, Tennessee; and now the Camden area of Maine. We like to think of our new lifestyle as living large with less, as we lease furnished places, usually including utilities, for less than we used to own our home.

We even lease our all-wheel-drive vehicle, in which we fit all of our worldly possessions for optimum mobility. The peace of mind that comes with driving a vehicle under warranty is priceless to us and it has proven more cost effective than we ever anticipated. The ability to limit our overhead by fixing the costs of big ticket items is one of the best parts of the leasing lifestyle in our experience. 

Suffice to say we love our modified version of the American Dream and highly recommend it to others. I chronicle the lessons of our journey and share other valuable insights on my blog, and I am writing a book to help kindred spirits also learn to minimize stuff and maximize life. To learn more about how to live large with less, click on the Email link to get upcoming content! 

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